Make the Change – Switch Up!

Change is good, so why not switch up? So many people get stuck in a rut of doing things the same way their whole life! They feel comfortable with their choices and are afraid of choosing something different for fear of being disappointed. Fear, that is what has been holding people back from making changes.

Think of an example. Fast food restaurants. How many items on their menu have you eaten before? Have you tried every burger, every side, and every drink they offer? Most people haven’t. Their whole life they choose the same burger, meals and drinks – every time. They feel comfortable with their choice and never switch up!

A similar example is when someone will live in the same town for all their life. They are afraid of change. They might travel, but the won’t move outside of their town or state.

Clothing, food, transport, perfume, hobbies, TV shows and so much more are just the same things again and again.

Why don’t people switch up? What’s so scary about change?

Something that may help you is this: Every time you repeat a choice, you are losing an opportunity to experience something new. One or two times might not seem like much, but can you imagine the variety that will be added to your life and experience if you were to choose something different every time?

Another benefit that switching up gives you is Perspective. This will help with decisions and choices in life, and will give you valued lessons regardless of whether they are positive or negative experiences.

So why all this discussion about change? This website ‘’ is all about helping you make choices to change. There will be articles about home, gardens, travel, food, technology – just about anything you can think of.

So why not be daring and give life a chance? Live the colourful life you deserve. Life is too short to be stuck in a rut.

Start reading. Start doing. Start living.

6 Tips For You To Look Taller Without Growing An Inch

women of modest height considered

While in the last few decades, women of modest height considered it to be a shortcoming, being short in the modern-day world has proven to be no real disadvantage at all. Why? Due to the fact that in today’s age and day, there are many simple ways in which you can look taller without having to physically alter your height. So, if you are looking to appear a few inches taller, here are 6 fashion tips that will help you realize that with minimal or no effort at all. Go on, take a look:

Go For The Heels

This is by far the most tried and tested technique that women use to appear a few inches taller. And the beauty is that you can easily get heels in various sizes for all types of feet from So the only question left to be asked is, “How tall would you like to look?” With the array of high heel shoes available for you to buy, you have endless options on how tall you would like to look.

Go High Waist

Another excellent way to create the illusion of being a few inches taller is by going the high waist way. When you wear high waist skirts, shorts and parts, you easily create an illusion of long legs and as a result you will seem a few inches taller. Have you even wondered why long-legged beauties are always thought of as tall? Well, now you know what high waist dressing will do for you.


When you unbutton your jacket or trench coat, you tend to create the illusion of some vertical lines, and by doing so, you appear to be a few inches taller. Better yet, by unbuttoning your jacket, you are easily distracting the masculine eye from your height, if you know what that means.

Long Necklaces

According to fashion enthusiasts and professional models, long necklaces are known to flatter the upper body while at the same time creating the illusion of vertical lines. Yes, it is truly easy to appear taller and using a pun, we can say that being short does not have to be a pain in your neck any longer.

Tight Fits

If you are a physically fit lady, this tip is going to work wonders for you. Wearing figure hugging fashion dresses and clothes that emphasize your curves will definitely make you appear taller as compared to wearing loosely fitting clothes. Better yet, you will get to show off the body you have worked hard to maintain and keep in good shape.

Discard the Crop Tops

The reason why taller women wear cropped pants is pretty straightforward; to look shorter. That being the case, you should avoid them if you are short and are trying to appear taller. That’s simple and straightforward.

Having known the secret of looking a few inches taller, you can easily convince people that you are tall at any time of the year. Yes, and the world will now look up to you.

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Is It Worth It To Get Professional Window Cleaning?

The old trope of the maid who “doesn’t do windows” seems somewhat archaic in this day and age. After all, who has a maid in the first place? But other than that, the question always asked is whether or not windows are actually that difficult to clean.

After all, it would seem simple to clean windows. All one has to do is spray cleaner on them, and then wipe them off with a rag. Simple as anything, right? Given that, it would seem weird that there are companies that offer professional window cleaning It might make sense for large buildings and skyscrapers, where there are windows that could be ten stories up, or even higher. In that case, it’s as much danger pay as anything. But for the smaller buildings, or even residential homes, is it really worth it to hire a professional window cleaner?

Unknown Perils Of Window Cleaning

According to, when it comes to window cleaning, many people don’t realize how many details are actually important. There are a number of people who go so far as to use newspaper or paper towels in order to wipe off the window cleaner! This may seem like it wouldn’t be a big deal, but in truth it is. This is because paper, even softer paper towel, are actually abrasive. This is why many tissues wind up causing soreness to the nose when you have to blow your nose a large number of times.

Now imagine the harsher papers, such as paper towels or newspaper, and you can imagine what might be happening to the window when you dry them with such things. And this is just one of the many details that people might not know about when they decide to clean their own windows.

There are other things, as well. For example, there are a number of cleaning solutions that can cause damage to the window sealing. This means that the rubber portions that keep the home insulated could be worn down after repeated cleanings. Thus, hiring professional window cleaners once a month may actually save you money in the long run, as your window insulation stays firm and keeps your home properly heated or cooled. Not just the rubber sealing, but the sliding mechanisms, as well. Those can become rusted and corroded from many cleaning solutions, resulting in the need to replace your windows much earlier than you would otherwise.

What Professional Window Cleaners Can Do

Professional window cleaners have access to professional level cleaning equipment. This means that they have multiple cleaning solutions, and can use the right one for your windows. Not only that, but they have access to specialized rags that are specifically designed to clean windows. This means that you won’t have to worry about repeated cleanings causing any kind of long term abrasion to your windows, thus preserving the life of your windows.

Not only that, but they have the experience necessary to know when a window might be starting to break down. This means that they can point out when you might need to replace a window, giving you a warning before you wind up losing more money than you want. Here are some other benefits

At the end of the day, it still may not seem worthwhile to hire professional window cleaners. It may seem as though the money you spend simply wouldn’t be worth the money you could save. However, the simple fact is that windows are more delicate than many people give them credit for. This means that you need a professional hand to ensure they’re properly managed, and who better than professional window cleaners to give that hand?

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Make the Switch to Hardwood Timber Flooring

If you are considering putting in a new type of flooring in your home or office, then you should consider making the swtich to hardwood timber flooring.Hardwood timber flooring is not only beautiful, it is also very durable and long lasting.

One of the biggest benefits to hardwood timber flooring is that it is much cleaner than carpet.Carpet retains dirt and other allergens, and because of this hardwood flooring is a much better choice health-wise.Once you have your hardwood flooring installed maintenance is very easy.You simply have to keep it clean and mop it on a regular basis, and once every 10 years you need to hire a professional to come out and service your hardwood flooring.

It’s important to know that timber floor sanding and polishing every 10 years can help your floor to retain it’s beauty and last for a very long time.Once your floor has been freshly sanded and polished all of the little scuff and imperfections that accumulate over time will be gone.Then you will be left with a floor that looks as good as it did the day it was installed.

When choosing a company to do your hardwood sanding and polishing make sure that you take a little time to do some research so that you can be sure to hire the right company.Read different floor sanding reviews so that you can find out what other customers think about the service of the company you are looking at.

You can tell a lot about a company by seeing what their previous customers think of them.If you see more than a few negative reviews then it’s probably best to look elsewhere.Also make sure that the company you hire is a professional company that is licensed, bonded, and insured.

This will not only help to ensure that the job is done right, it will also protect your home and yourself from liability based lawsuits.If you decide that it’s time to replace your home flooring then hardwood flooring is one of the best, if not the best, option out there for you.It is both long lasting and beautiful while also being easy to maintain and clean.

If you decide on hardwood flooring then make sure that you protect your investment by hiring a professional to sand and polish it once every 10 years.

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