6 Tips For You To Look Taller Without Growing An Inch

women of modest height considered

While in the last few decades, women of modest height considered it to be a shortcoming, being short in the modern-day world has proven to be no real disadvantage at all. Why? Due to the fact that in today’s age and day, there are many simple ways in which you can look taller without having to physically alter your height. So, if you are looking to appear a few inches taller, here are 6 fashion tips that will help you realize that with minimal or no effort at all. Go on, take a look:

Go For The Heels

This is by far the most tried and tested technique that women use to appear a few inches taller. And the beauty is that you can easily get heels in various sizes for all types of feet from http://bluebungalow.com.au/. So the only question left to be asked is, “How tall would you like to look?” With the array of high heel shoes available for you to buy, you have endless options on how tall you would like to look.

Go High Waist

Another excellent way to create the illusion of being a few inches taller is by going the high waist way. When you wear high waist skirts, shorts and parts, you easily create an illusion of long legs and as a result you will seem a few inches taller. Have you even wondered why long-legged beauties are always thought of as tall? Well, now you know what high waist dressing will do for you.


When you unbutton your jacket or trench coat, you tend to create the illusion of some vertical lines, and by doing so, you appear to be a few inches taller. Better yet, by unbuttoning your jacket, you are easily distracting the masculine eye from your height, if you know what that means.

Long Necklaces

According to fashion enthusiasts and professional models, long necklaces are known to flatter the upper body while at the same time creating the illusion of vertical lines. Yes, it is truly easy to appear taller and using a pun, we can say that being short does not have to be a pain in your neck any longer.

Tight Fits

If you are a physically fit lady, this tip is going to work wonders for you. Wearing figure hugging fashion dresses and clothes that emphasize your curves will definitely make you appear taller as compared to wearing loosely fitting clothes. Better yet, you will get to show off the body you have worked hard to maintain and keep in good shape.

Discard the Crop Tops

The reason why taller women wear cropped pants is pretty straightforward; to look shorter. That being the case, you should avoid them if you are short and are trying to appear taller. That’s simple and straightforward.

Having known the secret of looking a few inches taller, you can easily convince people that you are tall at any time of the year. Yes, and the world will now look up to you.

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