Here Are Some Great Thai Recipes For Vegans That Are Quick To Make

There are some great Thai recipes out there for vegans, and you might have already tried some of them. Thai food is your friend if you’re a vegan. Of course, you might not have tried Thai cuisine just yet, and perhaps you are new to being a vegan, too. Let’s take a look at some great Thai recipes that can help you shake things up and give you new food creations to try.

Is a Vegan Thai Pizza the first thing you expected to hear about? Probably not. That’s right, it’s time to make a pizza. Not only is it a Thai recipe that is vegan, but it also has a gluten free crust. The people that came up with this recipe say that if you have a crust ready, you will be able to get the pizza made in minutes.

What you use for this pizza is a peanut sauce, which you might know is very popular when it comes to Thai recipes. Then you start adding all of your favorite vegetables, and if you need some good suggestions, use broccoli, carrots, peppers, onions and more. And yes, you can of course load up that crust with some vegan cheese if you like. Some people choose to do that, and some people don’t.

At least vegan cheese is available, right? Now, you have heard of the five-layer dip right? I’m talking about the Mexican food dish that could easily be made to be vegan. However, there is a tasty layered Thai dip that is also a good choice. You use that same peanut sauce, but you also use cilantro, salsa and many other tasty ingredients. As you can tell, this is a quick and easy dip to make, and it is also gluten free.

Snack foods like this are great when it comes to trying to grab food on the fly. You can whip up this dip without much effort and no cooking at all. This should probably be one of you go to Thai food recipes. You can even make it up and pack it to take with you for work. Doesn’t that vegan Thai dip sound delicious?

Thai basil fried rice is another popular vegan recipe. You don’t need many ingredients for this dish, but you do need what is called marinated tempeh. Other than that, you are told to use basil, garlic, rice and whatever vegetables you have lying around in your kitchen. That certainly makes it easy, and that’s what you want, an easy recipe.

Here Are Some Great Thai Recipes For Vegans That Are Quick To Make

It is nice to really get down to all the cooking, too. However, it’s easy to tell that again one of the most popular recipes on this short list doesn’t require any cooking. I almost want to make that dip right now. Maybe you don’t even have a good vegan dip recipe right now. Perhaps you have been trying to cut back on the cooking as you keep up with your vegan diet. You are certainly going to enjoy these vegan Thai recipes, aren’t you? However, if you want to experience other awesome dishes, you might want to go to Heart Thai Food – Vegan Restaurant Brisbane.

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