Make the Change – Switch Up!

Change is good, so why not switch up? So many people get stuck in a rut of doing things the same way their whole life! They feel comfortable with their choices and are afraid of choosing something different for fear of being disappointed. Fear, that is what has been holding people back from making changes.

Think of an example. Fast food restaurants. How many items on their menu have you eaten before? Have you tried every burger, every side, and every drink they offer? Most people haven’t. Their whole life they choose the same burger, meals and drinks – every time. They feel comfortable with their choice and never switch up!

A similar example is when someone will live in the same town for all their life. They are afraid of change. They might travel, but the won’t move outside of their town or state.

Clothing, food, transport, perfume, hobbies, TV shows and so much more are just the same things again and again.

Why don’t people switch up? What’s so scary about change?

Something that may help you is this: Every time you repeat a choice, you are losing an opportunity to experience something new. One or two times might not seem like much, but can you imagine the variety that will be added to your life and experience if you were to choose something different every time?

Another benefit that switching up gives you is Perspective. This will help with decisions and choices in life, and will give you valued lessons regardless of whether they are positive or negative experiences.

So why all this discussion about change? This website ‘’ is all about helping you make choices to change. There will be articles about home, gardens, travel, food, technology – just about anything you can think of.

So why not be daring and give life a chance? Live the colourful life you deserve. Life is too short to be stuck in a rut.

Start reading. Start doing. Start living.